M52 CPL Filter for Premium HD Lens

The structure of CPL filter blocks the lights from vertical direction and only allows the horizontal lights to go through. The lighting can be adjusted by rotating the filter lens in order to avoid glares on glass, window or water surfaces. It is also best to use when capturing blue skies and white clouds by filter out the unwanted lighting.
When to use it:
- Capture blue skies and white clouds.
- Capturing waterfall or flowing water without glare or reflection.
- Avoiding glare on glass/window surfaces to capture objects behind glass.
- Better color rendering and delivering dramatic effect. (Especially when taking pictures in bright lighting)
- Give color a pure vivid hue.
Without CPL filter
With CPL Filter

[ M52 CPL Filter Technical Specification ] 

- For Premium HD Lens Series only
- Threads:  52 mm
- Dimension: 
55 mm (Ø) x 5.5 mm (H)
- Weight: 15.8g ( Lens only without other accessories )

>> CPL Adaptor Included
- Dimension: 55mm (Ø) x 11.5 mm (H)
- Weight: 24.4g

- Content: 

  • M52 CPL Filter x 1
  • M52 Adaptor x1
  • M52 Filter Carrying Case x1

Designed in Taiwan 

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