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Do you find searching for a sink, handwash, and water tedious? You know it is essential to maintain your personal hygiene and keep your surrounding hygienic. The Mac Arandell hand sanitiser gives you an instant sanitising effect while conserving your water.  It is specially formulated for frequent and repetitive applications and leaves your skin surfacehygienically clean and conditioned. A hard-working sanitiser that takes care of your sensitive skin and does not make your hands too dry. It also evaporates fast with no residue.

Approved for use in all areas including manufacturing, commercial, healthcare, and government settings


  • Hospital-grade – 70% v/v ethanol
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Disinfects and leaves hands hygienically clean
  • Free from: Fragrance, colour & triclosan
  • Effective against a wide range of pathogens
  • Hand pack – 150ml
  • Convenient for use on the go
  • Manufactured in New Zealand


  • MPI C54 approved (all animal products including dairy)
  • AsureQuality Food/Beverage/Dairy approved


  • Hands should be clean from dirt, dust, and contaminants
  • Sanitise hands as required
  • When used in conjunction with MPI C54 approval, delivery should be via a fixed metered dispenser (away from the processing line)

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