Shipping Update 16 April 2020

Dear Customers,
With COVID-19 lockdown alert level changes coming, we are seeing a huge increase in the packages sent across the nation, our shipping partner Post Haste have updated their service standard as detailed in the message below:
As essential supplier of services through the COVID-19 Level 4 government lockdown across New Zealand, Post Haste Couriers have continued to operate and deliver freight on behalf of businesses that are open to trade as designated by the government.
Our delivery priority in order of importance through the lockdown has been, and will continue to be, medical, pharmaceutical and educational. All other freight will be delivered as and when resource and time allows. 
Staffing and courier levels across the country are not at full strength, as a significant number of our people have elected to take self-isolation through the lockdown. As such we will take additional time to deliver the volume of freight that we are receiving that is not considered top priority and as a consequence response to queries will also be delayed. 
With this in mind please allow up to 4-5 days delivery time for goods being delivered to residential addresses. We will do all we can to minimise any delays from the date of dispatch. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are doing all we can to manage what are challenging times, we will do all we can to assist in any way possible. We would also respectfully ask that you refrain from ringing our call centres to ascertain an update on a delivery, as we are operating with skeleton staff and we need to manage our priority customers in the first instance. 
Our experience so far during lockdown after we dispatch are as follows:
Auckland: 2-3 working days
North Island: 3-5 working days
South Island: 4-5 working days
Rural Delivery: This depends on the local rural delivery agent, but do expect additional time for delivery.

We'd like to ask you to plan ahead now and get the items you may need and be fully prepared for the upcoming changes.

Please note, both us and the courier company is under heavy work load during this time, please make sure you understand the following workflow before you query about your parcel.

1: Customer makes an order
2: We print shipping ticket and invoice (Customer gets notified of tracking number)
3: We pack the parcel and book for pick up
4: Parcel gets picked up by courier van and gets scanned (Tracking number becomes active)
5: Parcel arrives at sorting depot
6: Parcel arrives at local depot
7: Parcel picked up by delivery van.
8: Delivery attempt

Due to limited number of staff working, we estimate there is a 1~2 working day delay from step (1) to step (4), please make sure you understand this before you purchase. 

Tracking number is only active when parcel is picked up at step (4), so please allow 2 working days before you query about your tracking number with us.

Please use the tracking link sent to you to track your order, as that is what we do when you query about your order, and trust us we'd would rather be packing parcels and get them out the door for everyone.

To help us get your parcel sooner, please double check your shipping address is filled correctly and not autofilled, we have received many shipping address that are missing the street details.
The same goes for you email address, please make sure you double check it before hitting submit.

Stay Safe, Kia Kaha
Team @ NZ Elite