COVID-19 Shipping Update (Level 3)

Dear Customers,

We are working with our shipping partner to ensure that the shipping service continues to run during this uncertain time.

The current status is that courier service will keep going until further notice, the next update would most like be when we hit level 4 in 48hrs, we will update our website as soon as we receive updates. 

Please note, both us and the courier company is under heavy work load, please make sure you understand the following workflow before you query about your parcel.

1: Customer makes an order
2: We print shipping ticket and invoice (Customer gets notified of tracking number)
3: We pack the parcel
4: Parcel gets picked up by courier van and gets scanned (Tracking number becomes active)
5: Parcel arrives at sorting depot
6: Parcel arrives at local depot
7: Parcel picked up by delivery van.
8: Delivery attempt

At this stage there 1~2 day delay from step (1) to step (3) due to large demand, please make sure you understand this before you purchase. 

Tracking number is only active when parcel is picked up at step (4), so please allow 1~2 working days before you query about your tracking number with us.

Please use the tracking number sent to you to track your order, as that is what we do when you query about your order, and trust us we'd would rather be packing parcels and get them out the door for everyone.

To help us get your parcel sooner, please double check your shipping address is filled correctly and not autofilled, we have received many shipping address that are missing the street details.
The same goes for you email address, please make sure you double check it before hitting submit.

Thank you
Team @ NZ Elite